Afflink does over $1B in products and supply chain management services, connecting more than 200 suppliers of packaging, janitorial, safety, food service, office, and MRO procurement solutions with nearly 300 independent distribution experts across North America.

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White Glacier globally launched the most sophisticated cold water immersion suit known to man, fiercely improving survivability for crews and passengers aboard commercial, oil and gas, military, exploration, and recreational vessels.

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J Turner empowers the largest multifamily management companies and owners with resident insights to enhance resident satisfaction, increase closing ratios, improve their online reputation, and optimize resources. Each month, they surveys more than 120,000 residents and prospects and track the online reputation of more than 55,000 properties across the nation with their software, RatingsTracker.

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HubSpot CRM Implementation

Are your sales teams still relying on spreadsheets or a heavily outdated CRM? We'll help you set up your HubSpot CRM to help you manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the entire sales process.

One-Time Setup

We'll fully set up your CRM, import your existing data to HubSpot, set up your team with email integration and train them to use the CRM.

Recurring Service

We'll support your sales team on a recurring basis with ongoing data cleanup and lead routing.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Marketing is only half the battle. To win more clients, your sales team should be equipped with every possible data piece and support they can to be able to build meaningful relationships with prospects and close them into clients at the most opportune time. That's where sales and marketing alignment can help you.

Sales and marketing alignment is about integrating operations and enhancing communications between sales and marketing teams with the shared goal of increased revenue generation.

One-Time Service

We'll conduct an in-depth buyer persona research, set MQLs, SQLs, lead stages, lead scoring, SLAs, a lead hand-off process, and a content development plan.

Recurring Service

We'll meet with your sales and marketing teams every month, create reports and analyze important metrics such as closed-loop revenue, lifecycle, sales leaderboards, and more.

Sales Enablement

Are leads pouring in but not converting into sales? Are you having a problem connecting with enough prospects or spending too much on non-sales activities? If your leads are falling through the cracks, our sales enablement service will be of value to you.

One-Time Service

We'll implement HubSpot Sales Pro for your team, set meeting links and messages up, set up round-robin for messages, and we'll audit and organize your sales content.

Recurring Service

We'll craft and optimize email sequences for your sales team, create bottom of the funnel offers and landing pages, and build reports.

Sales Coaching

Close more sales effectively and consistently by taking advantage of our sales coaching service. Our sales coaching sessions are an interactive process to help sales team members develop more rapidly and produce better results.

One-Time Service

We'll help you with candidate sourcing, interviewing, sales management coaching, sales rep coaching, and conduct an inside sales workshop for your team.

Recurring Service

On an ongoing basis, we'll help you onboard new hires, train them how to effectively close inbound sales, and report on their progress.

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