4 Reasons Videos Are Taking Over Manufacturing Marketing

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May 15, 2017
Alex Koby Alex Koby

Let’s be honest, out of other types of B2B businesses to create engaging marketing content for, manufacturing is pretty up there when it comes to difficulty. Content for manufacturing can simply be a little too technical, convoluted, or highly niche. But not anymore.

Since the rise of video marketing, manufacturing marketers have taken advantage of videos as a prime medium for marketing, and they sure hit the jackpot. Why? Here are a few top reasons:

1. One minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words

You know the saying, a picture paints a thousand words? Well, according to recent studies, “A video is worth 1.8 million words.” And in an industry that features highly technical content in nature, the use of visual imagery can’t be beat. While B2B industries had a hard time in the past to creatively convey information in an engaging manner because of the limitations of available mediums, now there’s video.

What better way to get audiences to value the content you produce than to ensure it is engaging, well put together, and easy to understand? Through strategically crafted marketing videos you could capture the attention and imagination of the people you want to be in front of and do just that. Video is a great tool to inform, compel, reach out to, and interact with your audience.

2. Mobile video consumption is rising and is here to stay

It doesn’t matter whatever industry you’re in, consumer trends show that more and more people are relying on videos for content and this trend is here to stay. In fact, YouTube alone boasts a 100% rise of viewers every year.

More and more people are turning to the internet for video. Take a look around at your competition, I bet some of them are using video to promote and display their products and services. Whether you like it or not video is here to stay, so don’t get left behind and be the only one of your competitors without one of the most impactful marketing and sales tools in your arsenal.

3. Videos are more memorable

According to various studies, 80% of users recall a video ad they saw in the last 30 days. Not convinced? Let’s try an experiment. Think if you can recall what the last promotional email you deleted from your inbox said? What about the value statement on the last vendor’s website you visited? Struggling? That’s understandable. 

While these things are important parts of marketing strategy, they don’t have the staying power of videos. Now try and remember the last YouTube video you watched or a commercial you saw on your favorite primetime comedy last night? I bet you can recall the general idea pretty easily. 

Human beings are anatomically wired to process visual information faster which makes videos are a great tool for influencing and impacting buying decisions. Sufficed to say, if you’re not using videos in your marketing arsenal but your competitors are, chances are your brand and its messaging are getting lost in oblivion. 

4. Videos have been proven to increase conversion rates

Over 46% of users take some form of action after viewing a video ad. What’s more, landing pages have been proven to perform X times better if they contain a video. The whole point of putting together marketing content is to get your prospects to take action.

The process is meant to do things like move prospects from one stage in the buying process to another, encourage them to go to their higher level decision makers and ask for budget to purchase your product, or most ideally send in a quote request or contact the sales team ready to make a purchase. With videos as a marketing tool you can develop a string of more impactful content to achieve that.

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The Cherry On Top 

If none of the other stats moved you, this one has to: 90% of users say watching a product video helps them make a purchasing decision. Next time you go on a sales call, imagine instead of having to talk through your standard sales presentation that puts half the people in the room to sleep, showing them a video that sums up everything you could in a fraction of the time. Sounds good right?

Spend the money up front and it is guaranteed to provide dividends on the back end with helping close more sales and drive that revenue increase.