5 Reasons To Leave B2B Writing To Content Marketing Pros

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June 8, 2017
Daniel Vaczi Daniel Vaczi

If you think spending on high-quality written content is a waste of money, think again. Content is teh embodiment of your marketing strategy -- it represents your brand, it sets you apart from your competitors, and with the right strategy, it turns prospects into leads and leads into prospects. 

1. Content Strategy

While writing may come natural to you, consistently producing content that converts takes dedication, time, and a whole lot of knowledge. Here are five reasons you should leave content writing to the pros. 

If you think by content we mean mashing some text here and there to publish on your business website every now and then, you’re definitely mistaken. The content you create must not merely fodder your site or be a vehicle for keyword stuffing.

Think of content as the lifeline of your marketing strategies. In the saturated digital space of today where attention spans are short, audiences have the power to choose what they consume, and businesses are clamoring to get as much recognition and gain trust from prospects as possible, remarkable well-strategized content is a game-changer. 

2. Higher Quality Work

That being said, every piece of content your business creates must be a part of a greater marketing strategy — one that draws prospects, generates leads, nurtures them, and ultimately converts them into valuable clients. This is a central premise of inbound marketing and can surely be achieved for your business with the help of professional, knowledgeable, and experienced inbound marketing pros.

As stated above, your business is vying for your audience’s attention and trust. How your content appears can make, break, and leave lasting impressions about your brand. To be a successful business no matter what industry, you must strive to have your best foot forward at all times.

Hiring an experienced marketing professional or an inbound marketing agency can help ensure the content you produce is of high quality whether it be your website copy, blogs, ebooks, videos, brochures, podcasts, etc.

If you’re creating content yourself, unless you are a professional writer, a graphic designer or developer,  you're just not going to live up to the quality of hiring an agency with a complete team of people to create content for you. Of course, you could just hire a full team of designers, marketers, and writers but unless you are a large enterprise level company, odds are you don’t have the budget for that.

3. Consistent Content Output

To gain returns from the content you produce, you must be creating and publishing them regularly. If you’re working on creating content yourself or delegating its creation to a handful of internal employees who may have limited skills or experience when it comes to doing so, things are simply going to get pushed especially if they have a completely different set of responsibilities, to begin with.

When a business owner, COO, or even the head of business development decide to tackle a content project, there’s a big chance it just won’t be at the top of anyone’s priority list. This is mainly because their primary responsibilities will always be seen as more important than a marketing project. When you hire someone to help with content or better — your entire marketing strategy and execution, their primary responsibility is to create well-thought out content consistently to generate leads and clients successfully.

4. Tracking and Analyzing Metrics

Simply said, you’re not doing your content right if you think it’s a one-off dead piece that cannot be measured and strategized. Because content is the lifeblood of your inbound marketing strategy, it’s a must to track metrics that can tell you about the success of your content or its weaknesses.

Hiring professional b2b marketing agencies or dedicated inbound marketers to assist with your marketing and content efforts can enable you to keep tabs of your content’s performance. This is one of the biggest advantages of pursuing inbound marketing versus traditional marketing efforts so be sure you’re tracking and analyzing content metrics, as well as tweaking your strategy accordingly.

There are a wide array of metrics to be tracked when it comes to content pieces. While they can be daunting to analyze and understand on your own, professional marketers can help you put these metrics in place and teach you how to interpret them. They can also help you set realistic goals and make adjustments to your strategies based on data. If the results are not looking the best for certain activities, you don’t have to keep investing money in a losing game. With this data, you can proactively decide to invest more on what’s working and avoid wasting your effort, time, or money.

5. Fresh Perspective and Creative Approach

It’s simply hard to diversify your perspective when you’re too close to something. Bringing in the help of professional inbound marketers to help with your content can provide a new set of eyes, a fresh perspective, and a whole slew of creative approaches when it comes to your content and marketing strategy as a whole.

An opportunity to promote to a niche market or a certain value statement that never would have occurred to the people working day in and day out with their own product frequently shows itself to a someone with a fresh perspective. Someone from the outside could see something in a product that people creating it and nurturing it might have overlooked.

Once more, since professionals specialize in marketing, they will have a better idea of what to pursue and how to implement them.