6 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest

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October 30, 2012
Nathan Yerian Nathan Yerian

hubspot quotePinterest is more than just the third-most popular social network. It’s a powerful marketing and sales channel for small businesses and large brands. According to a recent study of 25,000 online stores, referral buyers from Pinterest are 10 percent more likely to make a purchase than website visitors from other social networks. They also tend to spend twice as much. If you don’t have a Pinterest strategy, you’re ignoring a high-yield traffic acquisition stream. 

You might be wondering whether Pinterest is a fit with your brand. You might not sell a wide inventory of products, and you may not have a graphic design expert on hand to help you create visual marketing materials. Could Pinterest still be right for your goals? Absolutely. Whether you’re running a client-focused agency, e-commerce site, or niche online boutique, here are six Pinterest marketing ideas to help you get started.

1. Share Infographics

Infographics are visualizations of information, data, or narratives. They are a powerful communication medium and can help brands engage with a range of audience personalities. What’s even better is that there are so many infographics out there, ready to be shared. By finding and sharing the best ones, you’ll position your brand as an industry expert. Prospects will trust your company to connect them with valuable, relevant, and compelling information. You don’t need to be generating your own infographics – share the work of others to position your brand as an information hub.

2. Promote Quotes

Quotes are powerful audience-building tools, and Pinterest is a great place to share them. Whether they’re funny, profound, insightful, emotional, or all of the above, quotes build an instant emotional connection that can make your brand memorable. They’re easy for Pinterest users to share and can help you generate more widespread reach. Be a source of inspiration in your customers and prospects’ lives, and they’ll trust your brand. 

3. Ramp Up Your Customer Testimonials

Build a customer success stories board like this one that Salesforce created. Incorporate a mix of quotes, videos, and photos to add depth to your customers’ personalities, and include a range of opinions that explain why your brand rocks. Make it as easy as possible for prospects to see and engage with existing customers who love your brand. Highlight how much you care about the people behind your results.

4. Join the Community

Think of Pinterest as a community, not a loudspeaker. To become an influencer, you need to be an active member of your target audience. Understand what your prospects are promoting. Give business partners a shout-out, and share your prospects’ content and product ideas. Focus on building trust through peer support.  

5. Promote Offers

Running a sale, discount, or two-for-one special? Are you advertising this offer through PPC channels, Facebook, and Twitter to attract new customers? Don’t forget about Pinterest. Work with a graphic designer to create a quick yet compelling image to capture your prospects’ attention. Don’t forget that Pinterest is the world’s fourth-largest traffic driver and a great place to recruit new customer leads. 

6. Foster Your Products and Services

As you’re sharing interesting content, inspiring quotes, and customer testimonials, make sure to devote enough attention to your products and services. Beyond introducing prospects to your brand, you need to to encourage sales, so make sure to showcase the core of what your business is all about. Share lots of content, but don’t forget about your brand.

Most Importantly, Maintain a Themed Mix

Don’t overthink what you’re sharing. Share all kinds of content, even if the mix is eclectic. That’s what makes Pinterest popular and interesting – the collage look and feel. What’s important is that you stick to themes that your prospects are typically searching for, sharing, and browsing – this strategy will help you improve your audience reach. Whatever you share, make sure to have fun and to let that fun show.

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