HubSpot Unleashes New Social Media Tool, Social Inbox at Inbound '13

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August 20, 2013
Ericka Lewis Ericka Lewis

HubSpot Social InboxHubSpot CEO and Founder, Bryan Halligan and Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Darmesh Shah unveiled their latest solution for social media marketing at this year's Inbound Marketing Conference. They’re calling this new suite of social media tools, Social Inbox.  

Marketing professionals will now be able to set social networking back on track with a tightly integrated system for monitoring, publishing and analyzing social media activity.

HubSpot’s goal was to create Social Inbox to reduce the chaos and canned responses of today’s bad habit, broadcast-style social media advertising. At the root of their mission, HubSpot wanted to bring personal interaction back to social networking to re-establish it’s original function – relationship building.

Marketers will find a collection of features with Social Inbox, like complete integration with HubSpot’s contacts database, a streamlined approach to contact management. Social Inbox will auto-match potential customer Twitter accounts based on email and provide a history of their interactions. This will allow marketers to make more educated decisions about their marketing strategy. Social Inbox will also flag tweets from those who share the same names as in the marketer’s contact database.

A new “segment monitoring” data layout will provide marketers with a faster way to dig through the tons of data that requires filtering on a regular basis. With the Social Inbox tool, professionals can easily boost social media shares of key populations for better identification of an individual’s placement within the sales lifecycle. Alerts can also be set based on company brand priority, from category and competitive monitoring to tracking important purchase indicators.

HubSpot Social inbox

Social Inbox is described as incredibly intuitive and will also features a Mobile app notification tool that allows sales managers to receive push notifications when specific leads are referenced. And integration with HubSpot’s email tool will present sales managers with a way to directly respond to customers on Twitter with a personalized email.

Best of all, HubSpot’s Social Inbox will increase the ability to quantify ROI for social media marketing. Marketing professionals will be able to view number of visits, leads and sales generated by every social media venue. They will also be able to view the names of each individual that interacts with a particular Tweet.  

With Social Inbox, key interactions will be highlighted, data will be more sensibly organized and integration with HubSpot’s contact database will help manage the pandemonium of current social media marketing to create clarity.

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