HubSpot Unveils COS at Inbound 2013

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August 20, 2013
Adam Marquardt Adam Marquardt

The 2013 Inbound Marketing Conference served as the perfect place and time for HubSpot eCEO and Founder, Bryan Halligan and Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Darmesh Shah to announce the launch of their next generation to the #1 platform for managing content online. They’re calling this novel platform their Content Optimization System (COS) and boast that this system will offer a superior level of personalization and functionality that speaks directly to the user experience and serves business marketing professionals like never before.  

Here's an example website running on COS:

Hubspot Website on COS

The idea to develop COS arose from a fundamental problem that HubSpot identified within current CMS. The modern-day CMS primarily concentrated on content instead of the people actually using the content. They realized that users are dynamic. Their interests’ change, their behaviors vary and their needs adjust accordingly. That’s why HubSpot decided to bring mobility, integration, personalization and speed together to create a seamless experience through the only integrated website, blog and landing page system to make the viewer experience a priority.

HubSpot users will find an array of unique feature, like mobile optimization across the board. Whether end-users are viewing from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, the aspect ratio for HubSpot CMS, blogging software, landing pages and emails will auto adjusts to provide a superior experience for every type of user.

The truly distinctive feature of COS is the level of assimilation it provides to Marketing Professionals. Content, social media, marketing automation and analytics tools will merge impeccably and connect to the marketer’s contact database to create a logical narration of leads, their interests and communications. With this echelon of incorporation, marketers can make business moves based on real knowledge and will develop more personalized campaigns.

HubSpot COS

The magic of COS is in its ability to utilize smart content. Formally employed by HubSpot’s email marketing to showcase viewer interests and behavior trends, COS will now implement this strategy across website pages, landing pages and blogs.  And with built-in social context like authorship and Meta tagging, COS will help marketers gain an even larger relevant following on th web. Social sharing tools, a fan favorite, have also been included throughout COS’s content tools.

Lastly, COS is unbelievably fast. HubSpot uses a secure, high-speed delivery network for COS that provides quick load times and will work with all devices. With COS, inbound marketing will be refocused on the people, not the anonymous page views. 

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