Google Hummingbird Search Engine Algorithm Takes Flight

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September 27, 2013
Ericka Lewis Ericka Lewis

google hummingbird algorithm seo tipsGoogle is shaking up the search engine world with it’s formal unveiling of the new Hummingbird Search Algorithm, Thursday, marking their 15th anniversary.

The Hummingbird 

Implemented over a month ago, the Hummingbird Algorithm affects around 90% of search results worldwide.

This fancy new algorithm is set to make our Googling around the mighty web a better experience, returning gratifying answers that hit the mark better to quench the Curious George within. 

What This Means for Everyone

The new algorithm returns more relevant search results, most especially on the really complex questions we all love to quiz Google on every now and then. 

Say for example, you decide to ask Google “What is the meaning of life?” On a philosophical quest to find out your super amazing human purpose on earth. As opposed to focusing on the definition of every word in your question, the Hummingbird zooms in on the context behind the question.

It goes beyond finding answers that simply match the words on your query, and instead returns search results that are more meaningful and relevant to what you are really asking. Specific searches like “pay bills through X bank” for instance, now  leads you to the actual bill pay page of that particular bank as opposed to the homepage.

Another part of the change brings users better results on voice-based queries. People tend to convey their searches in a more complex manner when they speak, as opposed to typing it in a search bar. The Hummingbird algorithm is armed with a better system of pick up voice-based queries more accurately than its counterpart. It also addresses the old algorithm’s difficulty in recognizing verbal speech spoken with specific accents.

Knowledge Graphs

Now, if you're searching for really complex questions on Google (and perhaps just have a very hard time making up your mind), fear not -- there's a graph for that.

Google gathered over 3.5 billion facts-- general information and relationships between 500 million entities. Compare and learn about people, places, and things with ease using the new Knowledge Graph.

Say, for instance, you are looking to adopt a puppy and you're not quite sure what breed works best for your circumstance. "Hmm... The cute little Shih Tzu or the handsome Lab?" Enter, Knowledge Graph. Tadaa! 

google knowledge graph hummingbird algorithm seo tips

What This Means for SEO

In the words of the very wise (and funny) Douglas Adams, DON’T Panic! Since the Hummingbird has been in place for the past month, no changes should catch your SEO off guard.

According to Google, SEO mechanics pretty much remains the same. So as long as you put out high quality and original content, all should be well. If anything, the new algorithm improves complex industry searches that may have had some difficulties in the past. 

If for any reason you have encountered problems with your search rank in the previous month, remember to keep your web content high-quality and valuable. 

Happy 15th Birthday Google!

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