6 Topics Your Business Blog Should Avoid

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February 4, 2014
Ericka Lewis Ericka Lewis

b2b blogging tipsFury or eternal apathy. These are the two feelings you'll evoke from your reader if you dare dip your foot on these not-so-palatable topics.

Don't fall into the trap of committing one of the biggest business blog faux pas.

Here are six topics you should avoid at all cost:

1. Political Topics

It’s taboo to talk politics in most business situations and – for that matter, social situations as well. This rule holds true for business blogging. People tend to be passionate about their political affiliations and opinions. Should your business blog dabble into political discussions, you are bound to offend someone.

Choosing politically charged topics for your business blog pretty much equates to planting a virtual bomb. Two things are certain -- your blog will either explode with arguments and negative feedback or you’ll alienate a portion of your audience. While these may get your blog to trend, it’s not the kind of attention you would want for your site. You're business blog would be a sitting duck for pundits who won't hesitate to fireback and dent your credibility.

2. Religious Talk

Religious talk is the Helen of Troy of blog topics -- the subject that launched a thousand ships. History has shown us time and time again just how divisive religious issues can be. Similar to political views, most of us feel deeply passionate about our religious views. We tend to feel antagonized with the slightest difference in opinion when it comes to our religion.

Topics that touch on religious opinions or preferences will almost certainly turn attention away from your business, invite naysayers, and breed critics. The last thing you want to do is turn your business blog into a stage for highly emotional personal debate.

3. Other Highly Contentious Topics

Stay away from subjects that implores the public to take sides based on their personal disposition. Abortion, death penalty, and gay rights are all examples of blog topics that don't belong in your business blog. It's almost impossible to talk about these issues without taking sides, and taking a particular side over such issues does not make for a credible business blog. Doing so is a fast track to losing a big portion of your audience, overshadowing the real value you can be imparting as a leader in your industry, and rendering your bottom line irrelevant.

4. Redundant Topics

Been there, done that. If you have nothing new to say about a certain topic, you probably shouldn't write it.

Now, since the net is saturated by all sorts of content, it's almost inevitable to avoid writing blog posts that have already been written before. But here's a piece of advice: if you'd like to discuss a topic that has been written many a blog post before, make it a point to use your creativity to make it unique. Explore the unfamiliar terrains of the topic, shine a light on your own ideas and thoughts about it, think of plot twists and unconventional takes, most importantly, sprinkle your own personality on your post. At no cost should you merely parrot information you've come across before. Think of recycling -- what has already been used can be re-purposed into a completely different entity of value.    

5. Capitalizing on Tragic Events

Here's the thing, if you feel compelled to write about a tragic event in your business blog, write it with a solemn intention to convey solidarity. Do not, at any cost, write these topics merely to gain attention from the shock value tied to it. These topics may be timely and trending, but your audience will surely condemn you if they see that your post is an insensitive ploy to gain a couple hits. 

Write these topics only if your business truly has wisdom to impart on what has occurred, or if your business is trying to convey sympathy. Otherwise, stay away from blogging about tragedies.

Timing is also key. Is it too soon for your business to talk about such a shocking event? Or is it time to explore what to do in light of the tragedy? For topics like these, it's vital to be sensitive and sincere. 

6. Self-Promotional Posts

Business blogs aren’t meant to be directly promotional in the same way that press releases are. They are a way of generating traffic to your site by offering valuable content for a variety of industry-relevant topics to establish your authority and credibility. Bluntly plugging self-promotions in your blog will turn your audience off and dent the trustworthiness of your content. Your blog is not the place for product or service promotions. Strike a connection with your audience by showing them you care about their and you are armed with helpful wisdom to impart. 

Sincerity, sensitivity, knowledge, and creativity are the keys to a successful business blog topics. Don't write for the sake of rankings or SEO. Your business blog is a reflection of your business values, expertise, and culture. It's an avenue to establish your credibility, catapult your business into leadership within your industry, and command loyalty from the readers who find your content valuable, though-provoking, and innovative. Don't let them down.

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