Inbound Marketing 101: Getting Through The HubSpot Certification Exam

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July 1, 2014
Ericka Lewis Ericka Lewis

hupsot certification exam tipsAs the most recent addition to Adhere Creative I am new to the world of inbound marketing. The HubSpot certification training provided an introduction to the field of inbound marketing, allowed me to learn from real-world examples, and imparted helpful class resources.   

Taking the HubSpot Inbound Certification Test

The HubSpot Inbound Certification is a great tool for beginners and seasoned professionals to master inbound marketing. Through a series of eleven content packed videos, you will learn how to attract, convert, close, and delight more customers. The entire process is free and available to anyone up for a challenge. 

Being certified is more than personal enrichment but a valuable asset that will set you apart. Being inbound certified shows that you are at the top of your field. However, re-certification is required after thirteen months of passing your initial exam. Since the marketing industry is constantly changing, taking the re-certification is an excellent way to stay up to date. 

Use the following helpful tips to navigate the Inbound Certification and pass with a score worthy of putting on your fridge: 

1. Avoid Distractions

When it comes to the Inbound Certification concentration is key. Before you start your first HubSpot video, create a quiet zone for yourself. Whether it’s your bedroom, office, or your back porch, establishing a distraction free area will help your overall retention. Once you have a designated study area, eliminate all interruptions by putting your cellphone away and the turning the TV off.  

Something I found helpful during my training was to have all I needed within arms reach. Grab your glasses, note pad, and pen before starting your video. Having to stop every few minutes to get something will make it difficult to stay focused. 

2. Take Notes

Whether you are a seasoned marketing expert or just beginning your career, taking notes during your certification is highly recommended. After eleven videos packed full of important information, statistics will begin to fade and best practices will blend together. Taking notes will also help aid memory recall.

According to a Princeton study, students are more likely to retain information when taking hand written notes compared to any other method. Focus in on the most important bits of information and summarize them in your own words. In addition to recall, notes are extremely important when you begin your certification test. The exam will ask specific questions regarding information presented during the class videos. Having notes to reference will help ensure you ace your test.   

3. Take Your Time 

The material covered in the certification classes will be valuable information you should implement in your inbound practices. It is important to pace yourself when watching your videos to avoid burnout and cramming. Take your time and allow yourself one or two weeks to complete the tutorials. Setting a daily goal would be helpful to stay on track. Whether it is a few hours after work or a video a day, dividing your time effectively will help you to manage the eleven hours of class time.   

4. Motivate Yourself

If staying focused for a long period of time is an issue for you, motivators will be helpful to boost concentration. After you have set a daily goal of what you want to accomplish, pick something that will help motivate you to achieve it. After every milestone completed treat yourself!

When I was taking my certification test, I rewarded myself after every successfully completed section with a piece of candy. If sweets are not your thing, maybe consider using the latest episode of your favorite TV show. Whatever you pick, find something rewarding that will give you the extra nudge to achieve your daily goals. 

5. Keep Posted on HubSpot’s Latest Development 

HubSpot tutorials will be updated and refreshed with new content throughout the year. When I was going through the certification process the classes were modified and three new videos were added. Imagine my disbelief when I logged into HubSpot after a two-week hiatus and realized I would have to start over. Yikes! Avoid my pain and stay posted on HubSpot changes. Following HubSpot news will not only help avoid any unexpected developments but would be beneficial for learning about the latest inbound trends.   

Once you are done with the eleven tutorials the next step is the Inbound Certification test. You will have seventy-five minutes to answer sixty multiple choice and true/false questions. The problems will be split into sections organized by the order in which the class tutorials were presented. Some questions will be conceptual and others will be exact quotes. Don’t sweat it, if you follow these five helpful tips you will pass with flying colors! 

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