“We Need It Yesterday” – 5 Tips for Project Management

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February 7, 2011
Nathan Yerian Nathan Yerian

You’ve been there.Your client comes to you and needs your product or service IMMEDIATELY.Can you deliver?

This was the case with our most recent web project. EDC is currently updating their approach, image and product offering.They needed a website that portrayed their new focus, and that could be complete in under 2 weeks.

The question usually isn’t can you deliver something; it is can you deliver everything.

This project gave us the opportunity to test our skills on an unforgiving timer.In 10 business days we delivered the finished product and gained a happy customer and future opportunities.

Adhere Creative Web DesignHere is how we got there:

1. Don’t over commit -

From the very beginning, we knew what was and wasn’t possible in the timeframe provided.By having a firm understanding of the constraints and effectively communicating them to the client, we started out on the right foot with a clearly defined goal.

2. Communication is Key

Communication is the most important factor.Communicating openly and honestly with the client about what is expected of them, and what should be expected of you will ultimately determine if the end result will be a high five and future work, or a “hey, I wonder what ever happened to…”.

3. Plan On Planning -

We maintain a clearly defined planning process.It is our plan to plan.Because we have a standardized planning process, we are able to set realistic timelines and stick to them.Do you have a plan to plan?If not, get one!

4. Join Your Team

This really goes back to #2 & #3.I highlight it as a separate point because of its importance.Every person involved in the process needs their role and schedule not just defined, but they need it actually written and tracked.When a team is needed to complete a play, you must ensure that everyone on the team is on the same page of the same playbook.

5. Use Technology

If you have read this far, chances are that you work in a team based environment.Make use of technology to bring your team together.We use a roject management software suite that tracks every interaction between our team and our client, and it keeps track of our schedule and our progress.Without this level of detail, it would be easy to get off track and loose sight of the goal.

Putting these 5 elements on the front burner prior to stating a project will help make impossible projects possible.

What other ideas and strategies have you used to make “it” happen?