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February 18, 2019
Daniel Vaczi Daniel Vaczi

Those born between 1980 and 2004, now over 75 million members, are in the prime of their lives at 18–34 years old. Millennials have developed distinct priorities, purchasing habits, and values that set them apart from previous generations. With blossoming to established careers, they are a fresh market that requires a new wave of medical marketing campaigns that will motivate them to make an investment in themselves at your practice. Here is a guide to get started.


Challenges to Overcome

Wellness vs. Health. Firstly, medical marketing professionals need to understand the millennial mentality when it comes to healthcare. Millennials are now brought up to be wary of the information they come across in the healthcare industry. Coming from a perspective of “health” and “offering a cure” might rub this generation in the wrong way. Instead, find a way to help them discover how your services will improve their wellness holistically.

Debt. Long-term debt is much more of an issue than it was for preceding generations. Understand that pricey procedures of any kind are scary subjects, so don’t tiptoe around the subject in your marketing messages. Provide assurance that your practice won’t cause them any further financial headache.

Education. Be prepared to inform prospective patients of this generation in explicit detail. As the most educated generation thus far, expect them to be critical of any service at your clinic. Provide all supporting materials and research to give them confidence in your expertise as well as the lasting benefits of the subject procedure.

Insurance. Every year, more adults opt out of having insurance for a variety of reasons. This generation is working hard to establish themselves over the next decade(s), so be sure that your services don’t hinder that process. Cater your payment plans and marketing messages to their lifestyles rather than having them feel like they can’t access your services.
Technology. More often than not, millennials will research your practice online before ever stepping foot into your clinic. Make sure your online presence is optimized for an efficient user experience (UX) and is a strong representation of your brand’s image, values, and professionalism.


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