Video Production for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare marketing is all about building trust and credibility. Today, high-quality video content is one of the most effective tools to showcase your value and commitment to patients in your community.

Our Work

Discover how the power of video marketing can get you the results you need.

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ROI = Happy Clients

85% of Americans watch online video content every month. Use video marketing to increase engagement and attract the right clientele to your practice. 

On Time & On Budget

Lucky for you, Adhere Creative is a well-oiled video production machine capable of shining light on your values, purpose, and mission to improve—or even save the lives—of your patients. 

Our Capabilities

Video and animation are powerful mediums that can be used in many ways to effectively communicate your message to patients, their families, and your internal team.

What story do you need to tell?


Brand Overview

Instantly showcase your practice's values, services, and expertise to existing and potential patients. 

Product & Service

Using words to describe your clinic's disciplines and products can be tricky. Let video do the work for you by capturing your value in action. 


Broadcast good reviews and streamline influential word-of-mouth marketing by highlighting positive patient experiences.


Don't downplay your exciting news with a simple status update. Use video to get the recognition your staff and practice deserve. 

Training & How To's

Need a scalable method to educate patients or your team? Automate and deliver consistent training effectively for years to come. 

Case Studies

Show success stories from start to finish. With video, prospects can instantly see the value you've brought to your patients' lives. 

Social Media

Increase patient-to-practice engagement with informative, insightful video content your audiences are bound to share with their friends and families.


Use video to capture year-round events and community initiatives to establish your team's influence within your area of practice.

Investment Pitches

Is your practice ready to expand? Tell your story to investors with high-quality, engaging video presentations.

Our Process

We begin every video marketing campaign by working with your practice to truly understand your patients' needs. From there, our in-house team will produce a series of videos that ensures you stand out from competition.









Do you have experience shooting video in the healthcare field?

Video is the future of healthcare marketing in Houston. Located in the world’s largest medical center, we help hospitals, physicians, and cosmetic clinics stand out with a variety of video marketing services.

Is your production team in-house?

We are a full-service, in-house video marketing agency in Houston with all of the required equipment and crew members to produce any type of visual production for your clinic or practice—from animations to TV commercials.

What types of videos can you produce?

Our clients in the health sector require many different videos to promote their practice or products. We create videos for branding, patient testimonials, team trainings, or any other concepts you request that can be used for social media, TV, websites, and more.

How should my practice utilize video?

Video is the future of marketing. Videos are the best tools to quickly capture and communicate the value of your products and/or services to your target audiences. Today, companies should regularly produce video content to support branding, marketing, sales, and employee/customer-training processes.  

How long will it take to get a video produced? How much does a video cost?

Before we begin any project, our team will work with you to establish a budget and timeline that meet your team’s needs. However, all healthcare marketing video costs and timelines are dependent on scope of work, post production, and crew requirements.

Can your video team travel?

Yes! Videos for healthcare marketing aren’t limited to Houston. While we stay busy in the healthcare capital of the world, we have clients all around the country, and our team travels regularly throughout the year to work on productions of all sizes for various health practices or products.

What if I need more than one video?

To be effective in your industry, you will need more than one video. As an experienced healthcare video marketing agency, we can develop a campaign that strategically shows audiences how you satisfy their needs as well as develop a regular production schedule to ensure your practice has enough video content to engage your audiences, generate leads, and delight patients on an ongoing basis.

What is your process?

Before we whip out the camera, we work to get to know your staff and understand the services and mission unique to your practice to develop a strategy that authentically and accurately showcases the value you bring to people's lives.

How many people will be part of the production crew?

Adhere’s video marketing team typically works with 1–20 crew members at a time, but it truly depends on the requirements of your production.

What if I need more edits to my video in the future?

We collaborate with your entire team to ensure your expectations are met. Generally, our team will keep raw files on hand to modify footage in the future when necessary to keep content fresh.  

Can you create videos from footage I already have?

If your footage meets our agreed-upon standards, our editing team can use your footage to improve video content for any current or future healthcare marketing initiatives we have planned.

Can you create additional videos from the shoots you do?

Adhere’s production team will document your practice’s goals and research healthcare marketing trends to develop a fully integrated video marketing plan that will define all of the different ways we plan to use the content we capture on the day(s) of your video shoot.

Will you create a single video?

We help growing healthcare practices and companies discover the effectiveness of videos for healthcare marketing by launching their campaign with one video. Once you see the results, we guarantee your team will prioritize video in all marketing, sales, and patient retention processes.

What is a video retainer?

A retainer is an agreement between your team and our video department to provide ongoing video production services within a 12-month timeframe to create a video library that enhances your marketing, branding, and practice-to-patient processes.

What are your payment terms for video production?

Video marketing projects require a 50% deposit up front and the other half upon project completion. However, we have the flexibility to divide project costs into monthly payments depending on the scope of the project and/or your needs.