They're Not Ghana Beat US This Time

houston inbound marketing teamEver the patriots, the inbound marketing pals at Adhere Creative cheered for USA's socc... Erm, "futbol" team last night in a fight for redemption against Ghana.

In true American fashion -- grilled burger patties, ice cold beer and whatnot -- the team watched the riveting 90 minute game by the pool against the backdrop of the unforgiving Texas afternoon heat. 


The gang broke out in cheer as USA's very own World Cup team scored its winning goal against Ghana! Sweet sweet victory!

We could not be more proud of team USA making it's much anticipated mark at the World Cup! 

Best of luck to the USA World Cup team and our other soccer faves! Break a leg! (Well, just not literally :P).

by Ericka Lewis

Mother of Dragons, Creator of All ClickUp to-dos, and Scope Creep Defender of the Realm, Ericka Lewis is the sole Project Manager at Adhere Creative. She keeps our train running, making sure it’s always on time and under budget which is unheard of in these parts.
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