Define The Sales Process

Defining your sales process is an essential step toward winning more business. A defined process will help determine where we are successful so that success can be repeated.

One Playbook

Ensure that your sales team is following a repeatable process

Action Plan

Create consistency by setting actions at every stage in the sales process

Standardizing Sales Collateral

We will work with you to standardize your presentations, sales collateral, case studies, and other informational materials. This will ensure that your team is presenting uniformly and that they have all necessary resources to display your company’s value before, during and after a presentation.

Unified Messaging

Ensure that everyone is using effective messaging

Show Value

Deliver the right information at the right time, every time

Connect Marketing + Sales Data

We will deliver activity data from your website, email campaigns and other marketing activities to your sales team. This will provide insight that will allow them to more quickly move a buyer through the buying process. This will also allow us to see which sales close so that we can repeat the formula.

One System

Put marketing and sales on the same team

Continual Improvement

Harvest the data to continually improve performance

Enable Sales Enablement

We will integrate tools that will give your sales team instant knowledge about prospective companies and contacts that they are interacting with. Additionally, they will receive notification of prospect activities like website revisits, opened emails and clicked links so your team can strike while the iron is hot.


Know what prospects are doing, even when they are silent


Get notified when prospects interact with your marketing materials

Track Sales Opportunities

Keep your team on top of inbound sales activities, while seamlessly integrating phone and email communications with prospects so that marketing, sales and management can keep track of your pipeline and measure effectiveness in real-time.

Monitor Activity

Get total visibility into every deal

Stay On Track

Track sales performance vs sales goals

Get Your Company On The Path To ROI

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