Bluewater Defense

Proud To Serve Those Who Serve Us

The Problem & Our Approach

Bluewater Defense is a leading manufacturer of American-made uniforms and equipage for the U.S. Department of Defense. With over 29 years of experience, they are committed to producing intelligent solutions and long-term strategies, not quick fixes. They came to us because they wanted a new website that reflected their high standards and dedication to what they do. They also needed video that would showcase their workmanship and the quality of their products. We were able to deliver the new assets along with a comprehensive public relations campaign to position Bluewater Defense as a strong player in their industry.

Responsive Website

Mobile Optimized

Customers expect to be able to find companies online. Today, having a website is crucial to your success. We helped bring Bluewater Defense into the 21st century with a clean and functional website that allows customers to easily explore their products and capabilities.

"By making the website image-heavy, we helped Bluewater Defense live up to their claim of producing quality products."

Team Adhere


Color Palette

Branding Services

A company's branding should say something about who they are. Bluewater Defense offers American-made products for some of our nation's heroes. Incorporating red and shades of blue into the color palette illustrates their values.

We couldn’t be more impressed with the video Adhere was able to deliver. But, the best part was the positive feedback from our clients!

- Eric Spakey

Public Relations

Raising Brand Awareness

Adhere developed and managed a strategic public relations campaign to build the company's reputation, drive website traffic, and enhance consumer trust.

Video Production

Showcasing Quality

A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth even more. We created a visually-engaging, informative video that immerses customers into the Bluewater Defense experience, allowing viewers to explore their quality products and get a glimpse into the people behind the business.
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