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The Problem & Our Approach

Dynamic Dental has always been a technology-driven, forward-thinking dental practice. They came to us when HubSpot was new, before blogs were standard on websites, as the SEO optimization train was just leaving the station. They wanted a website that reflected their modern approach and that could massively increase their lead generation through inbound marketing. And they didn’t want to handle it in-house.   

We handled it, all right. We completely redesigned the site to make it modern, customer-focused, and SEO-optimized. It included original photography that we directed (can’t have a modern dentistry site with cheesy stock photos). And to top it all off, we executed a media relations campaign that got them over 25 placements, vastly improving their domain authority and SERP rankings.

Responsive Website

Mobile Optimized

Dynamic Dental is no ordinary dental office, and so their site couldn’t be just another dental office website. Our modern design aligned with their approach to dentistry and the original photography—optimized for the web—gave it an authentic, personal touch. But far more than a facelift, we built the site out to 5x its previous size. Each service got its own page, making the site user-friendly for patients, and multiplying its SEO value.

"We designed the website with the patient in mind, ensuring they can find the information they need quickly and easily."

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Color Palette

Show Your Brand's Personality

To demonstrate their family-friendly atmosphere, we chose a color palette that is bright and vibrant, which will help patients feel more relaxed about an often dreaded experience.


Custom Icons

Images Speak for Themselves

We designed custom icons that would illustrate the fun-loving yet savvy personality of the brand. The icons help patients connect with the brand because they can identify their pain points and needs without having to read long blocks of text.
We wanted our digital brand to match our innovative, modern, and forward-thinking dental office.

- Dynamicdental


Educating Patients

Meeting patient needs should be a chief concern for all medical professionals. However, this extends beyond the exam room. We helped Dynamic Dental contribute to the overall patient experience by developing resources that add value to patients' lives. One of these elements was an ebook, which offered tips for choosing a dentist, positioning Dynamic Dental as an expert.

Public Relations

Media Outreach

Through our efforts and Dynamic Dental’s responsiveness, we landed coverage in over 25 media outlets. Some of these are high-traffic websites, like eHow and AskMen.com. Many were local to Boston, most notably when Boston Magazine named Dr. Edita Outericka 2017 Dentist of the Year.


Show Your Originality

We provided Dynamic Dental with custom photography that we were able to use on their website. The images showed their modern office, advanced equipment, and friendly doctors. 

The Results


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Top 20 Non-Branded
Keyword Placements
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