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The Problem & Our Approach

The US Division of Fracht is a huge wing of an enormous global company that delivers highly complex logistical solutions on time and on budget. But despite their scale and decades of experience, they were basically invisible online. They lacked a cohesive brand identity, as well as promotional materials, sales collateral, an effective sales presentation, and trade show materials. They needed a unified brand that effectively communicated their work and their value to give them the upper hand in an increasingly competitive global market.

Print Design

Brand Identity

We did a complete brand identity package, including original photography, new letterhead, business cards—all the way down to their sales presentation and internal communications. We helped them tell their story and reconstructed it in their materials.


Stationery Design

Communicate in Style

The branded materials we designed for Fracht were visually striking and bold while still adhering to the conventions of the industry—helping them stand out among the competition.


Video Production

Show the Heart of
Your Company With Video

This was no ordinary brand video. Putting their project capabilities front and center, it was shot on two continents. Starting in Shanghai, it followed the shipment of a truly massive piece of equipment all the way across the world, where it was destined to become a fertilizer plant in New Orleans. It showcased the depth of Fracht’s services, the scale and complexity of their logistics, and became a staple of their marketing.

One-Sheet Design

Present Your Solutions

How do you encompass the vast range of services a company provides into an easy-to-understand piece? By creating a one-sheet that is both beautiful and informative, which is exactly what we did.
We wanted our digital brand to match innovative, modern, and forward-thinking philosophy and dental office.

- Maviro



Print Design

Customized One-Sheets

Using compelling visuals, we were able to weave a cohesive story that outlines who Fracht is and how they help their customers. By combining text, imagery, and infographic-style icons, we communicated the value that Fracht can bring customers.

Presentation Design

Through Marketing

We set out to demystify their work and to really drive home its value. We started with an advertising campaign, which led up to a complete trade show package. The package included banners from photographs of their projects to emphasize the scale of their projects, both in size and complexity. We had promotional mockups of some of their modes of transportation (aka toy airplanes) to show what’s possible for them to transport (just about anything).
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