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The Problem & Our Approach

J Turner Research specializes in offering real customer insights that empower multifamily owners and management companies to enhance customer satisfaction, increase closing ratios, improve their online reputation, and optimize resources. Each month, it surveys more than 120,000 residents and prospects and tracks the online reputation of more than 55,000 properties across the nation. Adhere works with J Turner on various types of marketing projects, including logo & branding, website, special events, video, email marketing, and more.

Logo & Branding

Logo & Branding Creation

J Turner's logo is clean and streamlined, communicating their data-based approach to business. The color palette is bright, fresh, and engaging.




Responsive Website

Mobile Optimized

J Turner employs a 360 degree process to build positive online reputations for communities. This unique, comprehensive approach sets them apart from competitors, so we wanted to highlight this difference. We designed the website to walk potential clients through the J Turner experience, with custom graphics, various conversion points, and resources designed to optimize the client experience.

Postcard Design

Innovative Creations

How do you grab the attention of busy conference attendees? Give them a fun reason to connect with you. For an industry event, we created a postcard with a QR code to scan for immediate access to J Turner's app. To encourage downloads, we turned it into a game—providing an avenue for a future relationship.

Adhere was the top performer for bringing new leads and new clients on. Last year, Exterior Medics had over 1000 leads that came directly from Adhere’s SEO and PPC efforts. Our conversion rates. with them have ranged from 23%, which is amazing, to around 14%, which it is now. We've been very happy with conversions and new leads. I'd say they've done a spectacular job. Again, their the number one provider for our leads right now.

Exterior Medics

Video Production

We Have Created Some
Stunning Videos

J Turner's prospective clients are busy making sure their properties are running smoothly. To help connect with them in the limited time they have, we created videos that help share the value of their services in an easy-to-understand way.

Webinar Campaign

Adhere planned an extensive campaign to promote J Turner's webinar, The Internet Adventure: A Fresh Perspective on How Online Reputation Affects Your Bottom Line. The webinar landing page entered users into a workflow email campaign, resulting in an average open rate of 35.42% and average click rate of 7.6%. In the end, our efforts led to 502 total leads, 55 ORA™ score requests, 17 demos scheduled, and 9 new customers.


Total Leads


New Customers

Infographic Design

Infographics for Marketing

In the multifamily industry, numbers matter. And sometimes, the best way to show data is with an infographic that helps you share facts and figures in a visually interesting way.

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