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Increase in Organic Traffic


Lift in Sales

The Problem & Our Approach

For years, PHP was the nation’s expert source for innovative, high-performance rooftop pipe and equipment support systems. But they were spending incredibly large sums on traditional forms of marketing and advertising, namely via supplier directory listings, which gave them no way to track ROI or leads. Their website functioned solely as a catalog. It didn’t reflect their brand identity, take buyer personas into account, pursued no forms of SEO or PPC, and offered no way to capture or nurture leads through the buyer’s journey.

We completely rebuilt and optimized their website; developed and executed a marketing strategy to increase leads and brand awareness; and carefully tracked the ROI on their marketing budget. PHP continues to be one of the highest-performing websites ever to come out of Adhere Creative.

Website Upgrade

Mobile Optimized

First things first: they needed a presentable website built to meet their business goals. We redesigned the website to be an SEO-optimized and lead-converting tool. The new website features a blog and most importantly, an optimized path to conversion.
"We designed the website to be user-friendly, SEO-optimized, and lead-converting, and we're happy to say it hits all of those points."

Team Adhere


Search Engine Optimization

Organic Traffic

Utilizing strategic keywords and best SEO practices, we were able to increase organic traffic to PHP's website by 360%.  The higher traffic on the site included more qualified leads, resulting in sales rising by 20%.

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The Results

PHP’s results were staggering. They were competing against enterprise organizations with much larger budgets, but because they optimized their marketing for conversion and implemented lead tracking, they could adapt to industry changes and keep up with (and even outpace) their competition. They went from getting 2 quote request leads per year on their website to over 250 per year (and growing). In addition, they have 150+ non-branded keywords ranking on the first page of Google.


Lead-to-customer ratio


Increase in Organic Traffic

Email Design

Content Marketing

We developed an email campaign to alert PHP's customers to creation of their informative new website, encouraging them to visit and discover the expanded resources it provides, including continuing education courses and insightful blog articles, which are a part of our comprehensive content marketing strategy.

Presentation Design


To visually demonstrate the capabilities of PHP, we created a custom presentation, complete with detailed photography that helped customers see the end results.


Product Showcase

To assist customers in the buying process, we designed easy-to-read one-sheets that showcase the main features and specifications of the specialty rooftop systems offered by PHP Systems/Design.


Banner Designs

Print Marketing

Getting noticed is easier with bold colors and designs that stand out among the rest. We achieved this with custom pop-up banners for PHP, perfect for events and conventions.

Adhere has helped bring our company into the digital age with marketing efforts that have produced amazing results.



Culture in Action

Clients love to see the people behind the products. Our custom photography shows PHP customers the heart of the company.


Well-Crafted Products

Showing customers PHP's products in the wild helps them visualize how the equipment and roof supports will work on their own rooftops. 

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