Meet Our New Copywriter, Brandon Kafarela

Houston, TX (May 28, 2019) — Meet Brandon Kafarela, our newest in-house wordsmith. From website copy to social media posts, he dives headfirst into projects to creatively tell clients’ stories, accurately present their products or services, and showcase their values in ways that audiences want.


“Many companies—old or new, industrial or technical—are surprised to see how creative storytelling can apply to their marketing. I’ve worked with clients who don’t always recognize their business’ personality. In today’s market, it goes beyond numbers, performance, and experience—you need to personally connect with your audience. A brand’s story and personable messaging is what audiences look for and latch onto for years to come.” —Brandon Kafarela, Copywriter

Brandon was born and raised in Houston, graduated from the University of Houston, and has worked on campaigns in healthcare, international relations, oil and gas, interior design, engineering, IT, and other industries for companies in Houston, New Orleans, and Europe.

No matter your line of business, you have a story to tell. Brandon’s job is to tie in your values, products, services, success stories, and goals into cohesive marketing messages that can be channeled through a wide variety of platforms: websites, social media, blogs, emails, video, press releases, and more. Informed by research and precise attention to detail, Brandon works with our full-service inbound marketing team to help online users find you first by focusing on relevant content, lead generation, search engine optimization (SEO), consistency, and creativity.

“Copywriting is a creative challenge that brings a voice and personality to digital marketing content. Even with big-budget marketing campaigns, lack-luster copy can hurt a company’s image. My goal is to create effective copy while finding interesting ways to incorporate research and all of the unique qualities that make our clients special.” —Brandon Kafarela

Brandon is an avid storyteller that writes for multiple publications and dives into creative projects of all kinds in his spare time. If you want to learn how inbound marketing can give your marketing messages the voice and engagement they’re missing, contact us today. We are excited to get to know you, and most of all, tell your story!

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by Adam Marquardt

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