Clothing The Err... Not So Naked

It's that time of the year again when the usually low maintenance Adhere marketing crew gets to be spoiled to fancy tailored shirt-dresses by the super cool Houston inbound marketing agency, Adhere Creative. 


Enter, Pretty Woman Inbound Marketers.

The bosses are once again making us feel like Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman as they haul the very classy, dignified, and slightly British-accented Vinny the tailor to the office to take our measurements and ask us our choice of textile for the fineries to be made especially for us. 

As we seriously contemplate which pattern and which cloth would sublimely drape us like gods and goddesses, we can't help but wonder...

"Is this just a really cool office perk from a really cool inbound marketing agency lead by really cool bosses... Or is this a constructive and semi-passive agressive hint to the highly genius millenials among us to fight the comfortable call of the frumpy Zuckerberg-inspired unbranded cotton tees and unleash the inner dapper men and women?"

What's the true intent here? Guess we'll never know. Whatever it may be, three things remain true:

  1. Custom-tailored shirts are the best!
  2. Adhere Creative marketers are SPOILED (to the core).  
  3. If you watch Pretty Woman backwards, it's the story of a woman who's rich jerky boyfriend forces her into (err... let's just say) an immoral career.

Happy Friday folks!

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by Nathan Yerian

Sharp shootin', bourbon drinkin', good grub cookin', Director of Strategy, Mr. Nathan Yerian, is the strategic brain behind Adhere Creative. Always aiming at success, Nathan is the unrelenting force behind innovative marketing campaigns for the agency and its clients. When he's not preoccupied rocking the marketing scene, you'll find him unwinding by the pool or enthusiastically slaving away in the kitchen, creating culinary masterpieces.
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