Elevate Your Video Ads With New YouTube Extensions

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November 19, 2019
Justin Golden Justin Golden

Video is an increasingly important component of a successful marketing campaign for any business. In fact, Google reports that more than half of consumers say online video has helped them decide which specific brand or product to buy. With new features announced at Advertising Week New York, Google is making it even easier to build engaging video ads while also improving ways to measure ad performance.

This month Google rolled out a new feature for YouTube Ads that allow you to add extensions, much like you find on their search ads. Google says YouTube Ad extensions are designed to put more actionable items in front of viewers, like store location, interest forms and other calls-to-action. This provides an even greater opportunity to engage with viewers by giving them multiple ways to interact beyond a single call-to-action.


In beta testing Google claims the addition of sitelinks resulted in a 23% increase in conversions and 50% increase in clicks.


Google also announced that call-to-actions will become available later this year for 6 second bumper ads. Last December Google introduced the same for in-stream and non-skippable video ads.

Additionally, for Trueview ads, Google is beta testing sitelink extensions, further expanding their existing call-to-action options. Sitelinks allow you to add relevant links, like product detail pages or promotional pages, directly under your video. With success from beta testing Google stated they will be rolling out sitelink extensions to all in-stream formats in the coming months.

YouTube Extensions

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