Video Production for Home Service Companies

Digital marketing for home service companies is evolving. Leverage high-quality video content to showcase your value and commitment to customers in your community.

Video Production

Stand out from the competition with the power of video. Let us plan, create, and deploy meaningful video assets that drive traffic, increase sales opportunities, and close new customers.

Our Work

Discover how the power of video marketing can get you more qualified leads in your community.

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ROI = Happy Clients

88% of video marketers are happy with the ROI their videos generate. Tell your story, increase engagement, and improve your ability to convert qualified prospects into lifelong customers.

On Time & On Budget

Investing in video is an investment in your future. Home service companies need to establish trust with households and businesses in their community, and video marketing is the fastest way to build relationships with new and prospective clients—trust us.  

Our Capabilities

Video and animation are power tools that our in-house production team uses to share your story with a larger audience and find more customers in your area of business. 

What story do you need to tell?


Brand Overview

Efficiently share your services, company values, and past work with the visual-storytelling support of video marketing.  

Product & Service

Choosing the right words to describe your services can be tricky. Let video do the work for you by capturing your team in action. 


Broadcast good reviews and streamline influential word-of-mouth marketing by highlighting positive customer experiences.


Use video to get the recognition you deserve as your company expands and makes a difference in your community. 

Training & How To's

Need a scalable method to educate customers or your team? Automate and deliver consistent training effectively for years to come.

Case Studies

For home service companies, video is the best way to capture your project team's capabilities from start to finish. 

Social Media

Build trust and personally engage your community with informative, insightful, and exciting video content on multiple social media sites.

Trade Show / Event

Trade shows and year-round events are premier opportunities to showcase your company's influence within your industry.

Investment Pitches

Is your company ready to take the next steps to grow? A high-quality video presentation can further motivate investors to help you expand. 

Our Process

We begin every video engagement by learning about you, your audience, and what you need to accomplish. From digital advertising campaigns to TV commercials, Adhere Creative's in-house video production team has you covered. 









Do you have experience shooting video in the home services industry?

Adhere Creative has used video to streamline home service marketing campaigns for many different companies across the nation to support branding, marketing, sales, and internal/external trainings.

Is your production team in-house?

Yup! Adhere Creative is an established home services marketing agency in Houston with a full-service, in-house video department equipped with the gear, crew, and experience to produce content for online ads, animations, TV commercials, and more.

What types of videos can you produce?

We create videos that take viewers on a personable journey to get to know your company through branded content, testimonials, or any concepts you request. Videos are optimized for social media, TV commercials, websites, trade shows, and other channels.

How should my company utilize video?

Today, home service companies should regularly produce video content to support branding, marketing, sales, and lead generation processes. Video is the best tool to communicate the value of your services and generate qualified leads in your community.

How long will it take to get a video produced? How much does a video cost?

We treat video projects with the same attention to detail as any other home services marketing campaign. However, project timelines and costs are all dependent on scope of work, post production, and crew requirements, so our team works with you prior to production to translate your goals into a production plan that provides full transparency into your timeline and all associated costs along the way.  

Can your video team travel?

Yes! We produce videos for home services marketing initiatives all around the country for both small and large-scale projects.

What if I need more than one video?

Home service companies committed to establishing themselves in their community will need more than one video. As an experienced video marketing agency, we define a production schedule throughout the year to ensure your team has enough video content to regularly engage your audiences, generate leads, and solidify relationships with new and existing clientele.

What is your process?

For successful home services marketing, trust is key. Before production begins, we get to know your team and the values unique to your business to develop videos that authentically tell your story, feature your services, and ultimately, showcase the value you bring to your community.

How many people will be part of the production crew?

For most home service video projects, Adhere will bring 1–20 crew members at a time, but it truly depends on the requirements of your production, i.e., location, timeline, and budget.

What if I need more edits to my video in the future?

Our team will save all raw footage in case your current or future marketing campaigns require us to modify footage.

Can you create videos from footage I already have?

We will evaluate any previously recorded footage to verify it meets our agreed-upon standards. Then our editing team can incorporate your footage into new video content to support current marketing efforts.

Can you create additional videos from the shoots you do?

Video marketing for home services companies is an investment, so we will outline all of the unique ways we plan to use the content we capture on the day(s) of your video shoot prior to production. Footage can be used for commercials, social ads, sales pitches, websites, and more.

Will you create a single video?

Many of our new clients want to test the effectiveness of video before planning a year-long campaign, so we will work with you to produce a high-quality video to get started. Once you see the results, we guarantee your team will incorporate video in all home services marketing campaigns.

What is a video retainer?

A retainer is a yearly plan that we establish in collaboration with your company to come up with a production schedule that outlines the series of videos our team will produce for you on a monthly basis to maximize ROI on all your marketing, sales, branding, lead generation campaigns.

What are your payment terms for video production?

Most video projects will require a 50% deposit up front and the remainder when the project is completed. However, our team has the flexibility to divide project costs into monthly installments depending on the scope of the project and/or client needs. Yearly video retainers have proven to be the most efficient option for home services marketing campaigns and require monthly installments.