5 Facebook Tips to Improve Social Media Marketing

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October 6, 2011
Nathan Yerian Nathan Yerian

Facebook contentThe great thing about having a Facebook page for your company is that it's easy to update and maintain. Putting up fresh content daily attracts new fans and keeps the existing ones coming back.

Here are five tips for making full use of this social media marketing platform:

1. Keep Up With Company Notes

The "notes" function on Facebook is one of the most underused on the site, but it's also one of the best ways for updating your page and connecting with fans.

Use notes to keep a daily blog letting fans know what's going on with the company, what's happening behind the scenes, and what new products are being released. These updates put a human face on your company, and fans will see and read these notes as they show up on their newsfeeds.

2. Photos and Videos

Companies, like individuals, can post photos and videos on Facebook, and these provide a wonderful way to connect with a generation of consumers use to visual imagery. Everything from product images and demonstrations to videos of company picnics can help bring your company alive for your customers.

3. Involve Fans

The key to Facebook is its interactivity -- it allows people to participate and feel a part of your company and brand. Take advantage of this capability by doing things to involve your customers: run contests on your page, post questions as status updates, invite fans to post photos of themselves using your products. People like to feel involved, and Facebook is one of the best ways to involve them.

4. Events

Hosting events -- cocktail parties, meet-and-greets, product demonstrations, workshops and seminars -- is another way to involve customers. You can use Facebook to promote these events and also to track attendance. Consider hosting regional and local events to bring out customers who might not otherwise have a chance to interact with your company.

5. Discussions

Another underused functions on Facebook is the "Discussions" area.
Use this feature to ask a question and get fans to answer and discuss various topics. How do they use your product? Why do they like your brand? How did they first find out about your company? These are all questions that can be used to spur lively and productive discussions.

The key to using Facebook is understanding what it does well: involving everyday people and connecting with them in their daily lives. The more you can use the functions provided by the site to make these connections, the more you'll find your fans and customers keep coming back for more.

Happy Facebooking!

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