Putting The "Ad(d)" In Dad: Meet Adhere's Newest Additions!

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April 12, 2017
Nathan Yerian Nathan Yerian

Can't stop, won't stop! Our spunky Houston inbound marketing agency is getting bigger, and may I say, more awesome? 


It was quite the process for us to scour the right creative minds to join our ever-growing team. But after sorting through countless resumes and conducting several interviews...


We said "yes" to the dre...  err... our new-found perfectly amazing B2B inbound marketing team mates!


And this month, these two wonderful dads with amazingly cute kiddos (and may we mention, astoundingly mesmerizing instagrams) are celebrating three months of being with us, making it super awesomely official!

Meet the latest additions to your favorite inbound marketing agency:

 Jonathan "Ike" Eichler 

jon-eichler.jpgIke is a long-time Houstonian with a passion for design, development, and all things creative. As a designer with Adhere, he puts his touch on anything from typography, to graphics, to complete web designs. When not at the helm of the adobe creative suite (or advocating for clients to stop using Outlook -- seriously guys, stop using Outlook for your official B2B emails), you'll find Eichler loving on his extremely cute mini-me baby boy, hanging out with his equally cool and beautiful wife, enjoying good grub, waiting for UberEats to finally service his part of town, jamming to some live music, and winning board games.


Alex Koby


Alex is an outgoing creative from St. Louis, MO who is passionate about business development and creative strategy. As Adhere's Marketing Coordinator, Alex supports Marketing Managers across our verticals and will be specializing in direct-to-patient care marketing. He thrives in a fast-paced environment and enjoys multi-tasking. Aaaaand puts us all to shame by managing to get up early and get some serious gym time during the work-week (and we mean, seriously intense workout sessions) without whining or hurting like the rest of us. Alex loves his bouncy little baby boy, jamming on the gee-tar, and unwinding to some PS4 games.