Why 2020 Will Be the Year You Embrace Video

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December 18, 2019
Justin Golden Justin Golden

Bill Gates famously coined the term “content is king” back in 1996. Smart man. Not only is it still true today but it’s easier than ever to distribute to your audience using social media. Not all content is created equal however, video is king of the hill and will be for the foreseeable future

During prime-time hours of an average day in the U.S., more 18-to 49-year-olds visit Youtube than any TV network, even on mobile alone.

If you‘re trying to determine if online video is a good way to reach your audience, these YouTube stats should convince you that 2020 will be the year you make online video a priority. The amount of content on YouTube has increased dramatically as consumer's appetites for online video has grown. Social media and improved technology in our devices has made it even easier to distribute and watch video content.

Our crew on the set with Exterior Medics

More than 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s approximately 30,000 hours of newly uploaded content per hour.

Here’s five stats from YouTube that should help convince you to add video content to your marketing plan in 2020:

  1. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine with over 2 billion - yes, billion - monthly users.
  2. 68% of YouTube users watched YouTube to make a purchasing decision.
  3. Watch time for videos on “which product to buy” doubled in 2018 (2019 not released).
  4. 90% of shoppers say they discovered a new brand or product on YouTube.
  5. YouTube mobile ads are 84% more likely to hold the attention of consumers than traditional TV ads.


Bonus video stat, in case you were still on the fence: it’s estimated that embedding a video on a webpage increases the chance of being on the first page of search engines by over 50%. A video engages the user and keeps them on your website longer, known in the SEO world as “dwell time”, which increases the perceived value of your page to search engines.

It’s not just YouTube, Facebook and Instagram have also helped video dominate the way businesses interact with their audience. With video you can showcase your products and services and share your story in the format your customer prefers.

Make 2020 the year you embrace video.

For all the mind boggling numbers shared above it’s estimated that only 9% of US businesses utilize YouTube. Whether it’s a lack of creativity or resources many businesses are intimidated and simply don’t know where to start. Adhere Creative has made it easy for businesses of all types to embrace video. From creative ideas to filming and distributing, Adhere Creative is your one stop shop for video production. Checkout some of our work below!